Las Vegas, Nevada

Inspired by Robert Irwin’s ephemeral light and space explorations in Marfa, this home was conceived as a cleansing sanctuary from the Las Vegas energy beyond its walls. In early discussions with the client, we agreed collectively on the vision that all interiors would be carefully crafted to blend into one seamless canvas, eliminate visual distractions, and facilitate a mediative environment where only the action at hand would be emphasized – as though the necessary tools for that activity only then floated into view. 


Adaptable elements help to expand or contain spaces, making it as comfortable for one as for a party of twenty. With that, all distractions were purposefully excluded from the house, focusing energy on the singular instruments of interaction at hand – a seating group, a table, a desk, a sculpture – while the surroundings melt away into a soft, cool, white mist.

Wesley Christian Properties, Builder

Stetson Ybarra, Photographer

Completed in 2021