Tailored. Timeless.


Woogmaster Studio is a boutique interior design atelier headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in bespoke and transportive design for luxury Hospitality and Residential projects. Classically informed and with eyes to the future, we apply time-honored architectural principles to modern comfort and the celebration of life’s rituals.


We believe that Architecture and Interiors are active participants in our daily lives, and that the environments surrounding us engage and affect us at the most basic human level. We seek to strengthen these tacit relationships, and offer spatial and decorative solutions that imbue a fundamental essence of harmony to every experience we deliver. By transforming the world we build, we seek to enhance experience, celebrate moments, and enrich the art of living. 


Inspiration comes to us in all forms – from history, travel, and personal experience, to extraordinary handiwork, materials, and craftsmanship. Every project is a unique journey for us, and we approach each one with highly personalized care, intent, richness, and soul. 



Our studio team is comprised of veterans of the Luxury Hospitality and Residential Design worlds, experts in the field with project experience at various scales, domestically and internationally. 

Alex Woogmaster

Jessica Lei

Susie Radkie

Jannicke Ramso

Alvin Hy

Erica McLaughlin


Woogmaster Studio Founder and Creative Director Alex Woogmaster holds a degree in Architecture from Cornell University, with a concentration in Architecture History. He is a Registered Interior Designer.


A passionate student of Classical life and design, Alex relocated from Rome to Las Vegas to test the precepts of his architectural thesis, which studied the effects of the built environment upon its inhabitants. An anticipated two-year stint in the Interiors department at Wynn Design and Development turned into nearly a decade of delivering ground breaking and award winning design for Five-Star resorts worldwide. He served as Creative Director at Wynn under his mentor, Interior Design Hall of Fame designer Roger Thomas. While at Wynn, Alex also delivered highly pedigreed luxury residential projects, and in a logical next step in his career, Alex founded his own design studio in 2019. 


With an international network of the finest artisans and craftsmen, Alex’s creative collaborations include worldwide sourcing from multiple manufacturers of luxury interior elements and furnishings. He has also designed unique licensed product collections on behalf of some of these companies.