Las Vegas, Nevada

Charged with bringing playful refinement and Italian coastal sensibilities to a recently remodeled pool complex on the Las Vegas Strip, Woogmaster Studio looked to photographer Slim Aarons for inspiration. The concept developed, imagining the air of an ancestral villa seen through the eyes of a youthful scion, returning home with an almost flippantly carefree regard.


To the more starkly detailed existing environment, Woogmaster Studio introduced an enlivening color palette and a decorative vocabulary of classical details that bring a European persona to the complex’s reception spaces, cabanas, and poolside amenities. Without being overly intrusive to the existing construction, the result of these careful design additions bring a greater sense of refinement and levity to the pool areas. 


Fun, bright, and richly detailed, the pool areas are now more invitingly opulent, and more closely linked to the resort’s interior aesthetics.

F10 Studio, Rendering Artist

Completed in 2021