Designing Nostalgia.

Inspired by the glow of history, Woogmaster Studio founder Alex Woogmaster passionately designs objects and spaces meant to invoke the past. His studio work is informed by the intrigue, grandeur, and subtle magic of great historic Architecture and Design examples, often through his own personal experiences. Alex works to provide concepts that imbue the simplified needs of contemporary life with classic moments, and to bring beauty and nostalgia into modern environments.

  • From the designer's sketchbooks | Woogmaster Studio

Tradition and Play.

Alex’s designs for interior spaces and furnishings begin with traditional roots, paying homage to the uses, means, and methods of days past. His concepts are often sparked by small details in a much larger design environment, which he explores and elaborates through hand drawing. He discovers still more through freehand fantasy drawings, in which he experiments with ideas of proportion, balance, detail, and mystery. “I dissolve when I draw,” Alex says. “The most elusive, intuitive lessons of design reveal themselves when I allow myself to play, meditate, and receive what the hand, pen, and paper have to share.”

  • Detail, mirror for MunnWorks | Woogmaster

Elements of a Complete Identity.

Alex Woogmaster’s sketchbooks are full of ideas inspired by the palaces and monuments of bygone eras. He is captivated by moments of Procession and Ceremony, and seeks to reinterpret the magic of historic gardens, loggias, foyers, and grand salons into modern contexts. From large to small scale, Alex’s designs are meant to transport the viewer, and are meant to be as much singular works of art as they are to contribute to the larger environments that he envisions during the product’s design process.

From the designer's sketchbooks | Woogmaster Studio

The first Woogmaster Studio products to reach the market are mirrors for master frame makers Munnworks. Other products in development include collections for lighting and furniture.

Alex Woogmaster

Alex Woogmaster trained as an architect at Cornell University, where he was challenged to master modern design-thinking, while nurturing his lifelong passion for historic design. Time spent in Rome, both during school and after, further fueled his desire to understand the nature of majestic architecture, and led him to Las Vegas where he now helps formulate design concepts for the award-winning Wynn Resorts. Alex is captivated by the effects that the built environment have upon the individual, and continues to devote great attention to the study of architectural and design masterpieces.


On the blog, you’ll find thoughts, photographs, and commentary from Alex. He explores the fundamental elements that affect our perceptions, feelings, and responses of and to the built environment around us. Examining the relationships that develop between great buildings, spaces, objects, and ourselves, Alex takes personal moments of discovery to consider the overarching nature of transformative design experiences.


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